Sustainable Products_SNEAKERS is a report aimed to present sustainable trends for shoe industry.
In the last years several international companies, leaders in the production of sneakers, have developed new models of footwear using environmentally sustainable materials to improve the environmental impact of its products.
With experiments and pilot projects are proposed footwear types where design, line, function and materials used are the key elements of the new projects.
Recycled polyethylene, natural and recycled rubber, pineapple leaves, bamboo fibres, recycled cotton, coconut fibre and certified wood essences: these are just some of the materials used to make new models of eco-friendly shoes.
The international shoes sector is developing more and more eco-innovative sneakers solutions, that MATREC is analyzing everyday to present its customers the products and materials trend.

The sneakers shown in this publication are some examples collected from International Observatory of MATREC.

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