Renewability exhibition, Milan 25-26 november

Renewability exhibition, Milan 25-26 november

Second meeting in Milan for this exhibition event which is specifically created for architects and designers, 25-26 November 2015 at MiCo – Fiera Milano Congressi. After the success of the first edition, ARCHITECT@WORK arrives in Italy this year with a key word: architecture and renewability.

Inside the event will present the exhibition ‘RENEWABILITY: Renewability of materials and supplies for architecture and design‘.

The exhibition wants to give architects, designers and manufacturers an international overview of innovative materials, characterized by renewability and sustainability, especially highlighting their ability to regenerate over time.

Renewability is a fundamental aspect in both architecture and manufacturing industries, in order to meet all European requirements increasingly focused on protection and recovery of natural resources, and to increase the value of the resources derived from production. Hemp, cork, wood, bagasse, castor oil, bamboo, wool and flax are just a few of the natural and renewable materials on display, but we also have insulating panels, flooring, finishes, furniture and much more. Each item is accompanied by a product data sheet which highlights the renewable and circular features of each material combined with the company contact details. The exhibition also includes scientific contributions designed to provide visitors with an in-depth analysis on the renewability and circularity of materials.

Environmental sustainability and system circularity is becoming increasingly important at an international level. This is why architecture and design continuously have to pursue improvement strategies to reduce the environmental impact and reserve natural resources in their projects, thus generating a vicious circle that tends towards infinity”.

The symbol of infinity actually characterizes the layout of the exhibition, and takes you on a journey which gives you a steady sense of continuity on how to use and reuse materials.

Renewability is organised by OFARCH and DDN magazines – Designdiffusion group, curated by MATREC, the first International Observatory for Sustainable Innovation of materials and products.



Circular economy and renewable materials for architecture and design  

Architect Marco Capellini – Matrec

In an international context where circular economy and sustainable materials are increasingly aiming at introducing norms and rules to preserve the natural resources, this conference is determined to point out how architecture and design can play an active role in this evolution, by using specific tools and methods, starting from the choice of materials, to the evaluation of the circularity of the project. In so doing, manufacturers, architects and designers are able to develop innovative and environmentally sustainable designs.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

17:30 – 18:30

(3 CFP)