Matrec in Argentina: circular economy and product ecoinnovation

Circular economy and eco-product innovation are the themes that Matrec presented in Argentina (August 26 – September 2), during a conference and a workshop. At the Austral University of Buenos Aires, in front of an audience of professors and companies, the arch. Marco Capellini, CEO of Matrec, talked about methods and strategies to pursue concrete actions on circular economy.
Subsequently, as part of the international seminar Madera ]+[ economia circular – ecologia integral: equipamento para espacios de aprendizaje, at the Facultad de Arte y Diseño Misiones Obera, different products have been developed that follow the circular economy philosophy through the use of wood.
The trip to Argentina has consolidated relations between Matrec and different institutions, universities and companies, which have for years been active initiatives for the development of eco-design and circular economy projects.
The large participation in all the events demonstrated the strong interest of the themes by several Argentine subjects to continue in the coming years through a common path.