MATREC flies to Mexico as Italian excellence in Circular Economy

MATREC has been selected as an international excellence to present its activity on products and circular materials at SIDI26 (XXVI International Industrial Design Symposium), organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon , which takes place in Monterrey, Mexico from 14 to 17 March, Arch. Marco Capellini, CEO of Matrec, will present some models of Circular Economy for companies and how the application of strategies to measure the products circularity can lead to environmental and economic benefits.
The workshop “from product to the services” will also be organized by MATREC, with the aim of evaluating operationally the benefits of circularity deriving from the application of a strategy of transition from product to service.
MATREC confirms itself as an increasingly international reference for its constant research and development on sustainable materials and circular materials, thanks to close collaborations with companies in various sectors.