50 products made with materials from food waste

Objects, lighting fixtures, clothing, chairs and vases, are examples of products made with materials from the recovery of food waste as fish skin, carrots, coffee, cereals, fruit, mushrooms, milk, egg shells, coconut, sugar , dried fruit, animal and presented in MADE IN FOOD WASTE.

MADE IN FOOD WASTE is a public publication of the result of an international research conducted by International Observatory for Sustainable Innovation of MATREC ( in collaboration with University of Architecture and Design of Chile, where the objective is to present as food waste can become a new resource.

MATREC collaborates with companies applying strategies and sustainable innovation for new products.

Over the past years we have seen a strong push towards the recycle of waste thanks to research, technology and experimentation increasingly oriented to environmental sustainability.

MATREC, for over ten years have been monitoring and mapping worldwide for materials and products with an environmental value to support companies with eco-innovation. For this reason, and on the occasion of EXPO Milano 2015, we decided to create “Made in Food Waste” a publication that presents sustainable innovation from food waste.” Marco Capellini, MATREC CEO.