Ended the exhibition “RENEWABILITY”

Great participation and interest in the exhibition “RENEWABILITY: Renewability of materials and supplies for architecture and design”, hosted by Architect@Work event 25-26 November 2015 at MiCo – Fiera Milano Congressi.
The exhibition, curated by MATREC, develops the topics of renewability and circularity of materials and products,presenting new design solutions for architecture and design.

Hemp, leather, banana, paper, bamboo, cork, castor oil, wood, bagasse, wool, flax and cereals aare just a few of the natural and renewable materials on display, used to make insulating panels, flooring, finishes, furniture and much more.

Renewability is a fundamental aspect in both architecture and manufacturing industries, in order to meet all European requirements increasingly focused on protection and recovery of natural resources, and to increase the value of the resources derived from production.