Circular economy: between reuse and maintenance

Circular economy: between reuse and maintenance

Article by Marco Capellini.

In recent years, several companies are developing the theme of reuse as a business strategy, but also to comply with legislation aimed at promoting the sustainability of products: first circular economy package of the EU Commission.

Several economic studies have shown that the re-use market will present opportunities for companies, especially in highly populated areas such as metropolitan cities and surrounding areas, and the possibility to start a relationship of “fidelity” with its customers.

The strategy of product reuse should not be contextualized and valued only as a replacement process of the “new”, but as an opportunity to offer to customers a different service: for example, product care and maintenance included.

This means that the strategic approach to the reuse of a product market can generate the sale of second-hand goods, or the sale of products-services, including installation, maintenance, replacement and assistance, where in the latter case guarantee could not be there.

Often the concept of “reuse” is identified only as reuse of a product that is at end of life, and not as a business strategy to differentiate the market supply or to meet the temporary needs of the consumer.

If next to the “reuse” strategy we consider the “maintenance” strategy, then we realize that for the product will open several market opportunities that go in a completely different direction from the “end of life.”

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