The hood requires great care in handling and transport phase because of its shape, its size and its fragility. Elica has chosen the cardboard to get the guarantees required to a product packaging. The packaging redesign has brought to a great result in terms of cost of packaging, reduction of logistics costs and a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Behind every project there is a story to tell.
Videos that tell stories of paper and cardboard products.
Because behind every company there is a man, a designer, a craftsman, an inventor.
Stories to tell about the “human value” of the product as a result of a design process.
One story, many stories … to tell and share the philosophy of the project, the difficulties and experiments, human capital, but especially the success achieved from the final product.

All Cardboard story videos are present on Comieco website. Click here to watch them.

Cardboard story is a project realized by MATREC – Sustainable Materials & Trends for Comieco.