A “new skin” for recycled rubber made from end-of-life tyres

The project, promoted by Ecopneus and realized by Matrec in collaboration with the studio Marco Capellini sustainable design & consulting, was aimed to give new identity to recycled rubber. The characteristics and properties of recycled rubber, through the combination with other materials such as leather, cork, fabric, bamboo, felt and wood, have led to the development of eco-innovative solutions to be used in different product sectors as interiors, fashion and industrial design. The results are an example of how the principles of circular economy are applicable to new market models and to enterprise.

The fifteen new eco-innovative materials, already patented, will be presented in preview at the Technology Hub exhibition (MiCo-fieramilanocity 20-22 April 2017), the event sponsored by Senaf that presents the most important technologies for the industrial world.

Source and image: matrec.com