Insulating panels made of eelgrass

Insulating panels made of eelgrass
Material made of 88% eelgrass, a natural, non-toxic and CO2-storing material. Eelgrass is an abundant sea plant which reproduces itself annually, it is collected sustainably by Danish farmers. Algae are analyzed, sorted and classified according to colour and quality, then shredded down to shorter standardized fibres to ensure the best aesthetic and mechanical properties. Initially, the shredded fibres are impregnated with a natural, non-toxic flame retardant and mixed with a binder specially designed for recyclability. The fibres are compressed using a process which uses low temperature and high compression. It is used as a decorative panel that offers excellent acoustic and thermal comfort.
Bio-based material
  • 88% alga zostera
Other materials
  • 12% bicomponent binder