Fibre made of recycled cellulose

Fibre made of recycled cellulose
Fibre made of recycled cellulose, obtained using a wide range of materials, like cotton-rich textile waste, recycled paper or crop residues like rice or wheat straw. Textile waste is collected and sorted by type. Non-fibrous materials (like buttons and zippers) are removed, and the textiles are disintegrated to fine shreds. The cellulose-based fibers, separated from fibers like polyester and elastane, are activated with urea to create a stable and soluble cellulose carbamate powder. During the wet spinning process, cellulose crystallizes into new fiber filaments. The filament, once cut, washed and dried, is used in the textile manufacturing supply chain. It is used in the making ofall kinds of textiles from clothing to sheets, fromhome textiles, to wipes and diapers.
Recycled material
  • paper
  • cotton
Other materials
  • urea