Zanotta celebrates 50 years of Sacco with a green version

Zanotta celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic Sacco armchair presenting a numbered green version, with the intention of promoting a new path of research and experimentation on recycled materials and bio-materials.
The sustainable edition of the Sacco was filled with microspheres in bio-plastic (PLA) obtained from sugar cane, wich in technical and perfromance terms is comparable to EPS, the material used in the original project. The main benefit is that polymers from non-renewable sources have been replaced by bio-polymers made from renewable, biodegradable and compostable vegetable materials.
The outer cladding was instead made of  a regenerated nylon yarn obtained from fishing nets collected from the oceans, fabric waste and industrial plastic, with the advantage of being able to recreated and reshaped indefinitely without needing to integrate additional resources.

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