Scandinavian Airlines: sustainable packaging on board

Scandinavian Airlines has launched a new sustainable packaging for the delivery of meals on board the aircraft.
The container is made of certified paper with a plastic coating on the vegetable-based part in contact with the food for food safety issues. The disposable cutlery kit has also been restyled to create a new sustainable version, also made of bio-plastic consisting of vegetable oil, through natural fermentation with microorganisms, becomes a compostable material. The new design will save up to 51 tons of plastic per year.
The airline has also introduced a series of services with the aim of reducing waste on board, such as the possibility of pre-ordering meals so as to prepare a quantity appropriate to the needs, napkins made of recycled paper available on request.
Scandinavian Airlines has set itself the goal of having 100% sustainable material capital by 2030 for its customer offering.

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