Puma: biodesign project for the exploration of sustainable compostable materials

Puma has developed a biodesign project that aims to explore alternative concepts and innovative sustainable fabrics to be used in sportswear.
The project, which has not yet reached the commercial phase, foresees that the garments will be made based on a mesh structure inspired by the skeleton of a leaf, made in PLA and printed in 3D. Subsequently the structure is coated with a fabric made of expanded cellulose fibers and bio-plastic.
The bio-plastic is composed of alcohol, fats and residual substances from the food industry. The dyeing process of the garments uses compostable colors such as carbon pigment.
The main challenge Puma faced in using a cellulose based material was to create a fabric that was both durable and compostable.

Source and image: designtofade.puma.com