Office furniture made of certified and recycled materials

Plastic Whale, a Dutch social enterprise with the mission of helping to clean the seas from plastic, through the involvement of several partners develops projects and products using certificates and recycled materials.
In collaboration with a local office furniture manufacturer and a sustainable design studio, it has created a collection consisting of a meeting table, chairs and lamps inspired by the shape of a whale, a symbol of hope for a future with seas free from plastic.
The meeting table consists of a top in layers of heated and pressed recycled PET felt to give it an elegant appearance, the intermediate layer is made of recycled PET foam and FSC certified birch plywood.
The lower structure, characterized by a design recalling the imposing skeleton of a whale, is made of PFC certified oak wood.
The recycled PET used is certified and comes from the recycling process of post-consumer plastic bottles collected in the canals of the city of Amsterdam.
The project consists in demonstrating how much a plastic waste can be a valuable second raw material and how it can once again contribute to the production of new high value products.

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