New Up-cycling collection by Diesel

Diesel, an Italian fashion brand, has promoted a sustainable fashion collection in collaboration with its historic partner 55DSL, an experimental division of Diesel.
This is an Up-cycling project, where the materials used are taken from stock, old samples and Diesel prototypes. The products proposed on the market consist of the reworking of old collections whose materials are combined with creativity.
For example, denim jeans from the previous season are selected by colour shades, cut into strips and then sewn to the top of a cotton sweatshirt.
Two different models of 100% cotton T-shirts are cut vertically in half and sewn, creating a graphic mash-up of the two brands.
Two different models of cotton shirts characterized by different patterns and colors, enrich each other with colorful details such as collar, pockets and cuffs.
The aim of the project is to promote the reuse of materials already produced trying to enhance their unexpressed potential, minimize waste and scrap and encourage the recycling of materials.

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