Magis: monobloc seat in recycled polypropylene

Magis in collaboration with German designer Konstantin Grcic, has developed a stackable monobloc seat made entirely of pre-consumer recycled polypropylene, obtained from waste generated by the automotive industry added to Magis furniture production waste.
The concept design of the seat, with its shell shape, has allowed a minimum use of material resources, weighing only 2.7 kg is lighter than most of the plastic seats on the market.
The circular material is patented and designed to be 100% recyclable at the end of its life, in order to guarantee a sustainable and closed-loop product.
The Italian furniture and design company has also applied the concept of efficient use of resources to the logistics organization for the transport dedicated to sustainable seating, developing a reusable pallet made with the same circular material, where the seats are stacked optimizing the overall dimensions during transport.

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