Insulating power of coconut fibre in cooler bag

Coconut husk fibres have the same structure as expanded polystyrene foam, a material that is generally used as insulation to reduce heat transfer.
Most thermal bags on the market are made of plastic materials, Nutshell company, on the other hand, uses coconut husks from the Philippines, which are generally discarded and burnt, releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
The thermal insulation obtained from these natural waste materials has been proven to offer technical performance expected from the best outdoor gear.
The bag’s waterproof lining, water-repellent layer and side handles use recycled polyester from recycled bottles, while the ice pack, also made of recycled polyester, is shipped empty to minimise carbon emissions.
The packaging in which the cooler bags are shipped is made of FSC-certified recycled cardboard and all relevant information is printed directly on the box with water-based inks.

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