Furniture made with recycled shells and feathers

A collection of sustainable design created through the use of circular materials derived from catering and fishing waste and by-products of the poultry and food industries.
Some elements of the collection, such as the shelving and table, are made of shells, a circular material from a renewable source that is discarded by the food industry, which is supplied by a fishing community that operates responsibly in the Philippines. Characterized by a wide variety of colors, the shells are trimmed to reveal their natural streaked texture, then inlaid and filled with a layer of contrasting color.
The table, on the other hand, is made from recycled goose feathers, some of which are hand-dyed in black to create a nuanced effect that reaches the tip of the feather in its natural white, are then selected by size, inlaid by hand and sealed with a layer of transparent resin.

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