Fossil: collection of solar watches made of circular materials

Fossil has launched a collection of solar-powered watches that is environmentally friendly and composed largely of circular materials.
The limited edition watch is equipped with 5 interchangeable straps in different colours, made of recycled polyester, obtained from approximately 16 post-consumer plastic bottles.
The watch case is made of a partially bio-based plastic derived from castor oil.
The outer ring of the case acts as a solar panel that captures light and transforms it into energy through a solar cell located under the dial, powering the rechargeable battery of the watch. Pacakging is designed to be 100% recyclable, choosing paper as a sustainable material from a renewable source.
Fossil’s sustainability strategy is based on the identification of two main “pro-planet” criteria: the product must be made of at least one sustainable material; the product packaging must be recyclable or reusable. By 2025 the company has set itself the objective of designing and manufacturing 100% of its products in compliance with the established sustainability criteria.