Allbirds uses Chitosan in combination with other renewable circular materials

Allbirds, a sustainable fashion company known for footwear, has launched a collection of clothing with low environmental impact in line with its sustainability strategy.
The collection is detailed by t-shirts made of an innovative fabric obtained 65% from a yarn made of certified cellulose fibers, 30% from merino wool and the remaining 5% from chitosan, one of the most abundant biopolymer on earth, obtained from waste crab shells.
Consisting entirely of circular materials from renewable sources, the t-shirt collection has been designed considering several factors that can enhance the sustainability mission of the company.
The use of chitosan, which stands out for its intrinsic antimicrobial properties, helps to reduce odors in order to ensure a prolonged use of the t-shirt by reducing the number of washes. In addition, the collection is characterized by a classic style that allows the garments to remain fashionable in the long period. The combination of the three circular materials as well as an environmental value gives the shirt softness and a comfortable fit.

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