Our approach to measuring the circularity of materials, products and projects is based on indications of international standards with particular attention to legislative references implemented by the European Commission, such as ESPR (Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation).
Measurement is focused on providing quantitative results to give concreteness and tangibility to the actions pursued in the product design phase, to facilitate improvement actions and to monitor results over time.
We develop a company-specific ‘tailor-made’ approach.
Circularity measurement of materials, products and projects is carried out with CircularTool, a proprietary tool validated by Bureau Veritas to enable companies to certify their results.
We also develop tailored circularity measurement tools for companies in different sectors.


We develop the metrics by collecting the most relevant data in a context of efficient use of resources and, through dedicated KPIs, we develop one or more final measurement indicators.
This is a functional and efficient approach that has already been consolidated over the years with projects in various product sectors.




Matrec provides the companies to carry out the circularity measurement process, characterised by four main phases:

resources used evaluation
critical points identification
improvement objectives definition
alternative materials solutions search



Circularity measurement examines the life cycle of a material, product or project by analysing input and output, design and production process. All resources used (material, energy and water) are evaluated. In relation to the reference sector, the most functional KPIs are also selected through the implementation of environmental functions and requirements.
To give continuity to the circular design of materials, products and projects, companies have the opportunity to apply the “Technical specification for measuring circularity”, developed by Matrec and verified by Bureau Veritas

Towards the certification
In order to achieve greater market recognition, it is possible to certify the circularity measurement. Certification enables the implementation of a management system aimed to efficient use of resources and the measurement of circular economy for a material, product and project.

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