More recycled materials for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung recently unveiled the new Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphon, which is characterized by an increased focus on materials with a circular approach.
Galaxy S23 is the first device to integrate recycled alluminium, used in the side key, volume key and sim tray
The inner lining of the S Pen is composed of at least 20% post-consumer recycled polyamide from discarded fishing nets.
The front and back shells consist of an average of 22% recycled glass, while the decorative film of the back glass is composed of 80% post-consumer recycled PET made from water containers.
Information regarding the percentage of recycled material in the Galaxy S23 has been validated by the UL certification agency through Environmental Claim Validation.
This approach allows Samsung to demonstrate to the market that its products, live up to their environmental claims and do not perpetuate “greenwashing.”

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