This question was made by many companies in the past two years, because the cost of landfills is constantly increasing. This is what we do!
First of all it is important for us to get information about your waste. Subsequently we carry out research to check if there are international companies that transform this waste into new sustainable material or product. We start from our database where we have classified all the materials and their origin.
In some cases we find a solution that we present to the company.
In other cases, we carry out research and development activity in order to understand how the waste can be enhanced. Thanks to the relationship we have with hundreds of companies ¬†that transform waste into new products, we are able to verify if the waste could be used as “ingredient” for other sustainable materials.
In any case, we evaluate the possibility to create a new material or product, identifying the best sector and the target use.
Our approach is based on circular economy models that always try to move towards zero waste.