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BPL2022 Bioplastics

Bio-plastic made from a blend of wheat starch, variable from 30% to 65%, and polypropylene. The finished products have the functionality and characteristics equal to those of traditional plastics, virtually unlimited applications in the production of pliable and hard plastic products.

RRUB2021 Rubber

Material made of 93% post-consumer recycled rubber granules made from end of life tires hot-bonded with polyurethane binder. It is used to make shockproof flooring.

RCERPLA2020 Cereals, Plastic

Yarn made from 100% post-Consumer recycled PET beverage bottles and enhanced with high-performance Nano SiO2 from rice husks. The filaments can be circular, triangular or hexagonal in cross-sectional structure which in turn, means can be created with multiple optical outcomes. In regards to handle, the Circular cross section fiber gives you a merino wool texture, whilst triangular cross section fiber delivers a silky satin like sheen. It is used in the production of clothing and upholstery.

NBAM2019 Bamboo

Panel made of a 1-ply bamboo tile which is normally pressed on a support panel. Ideal for application as overhead flooring.

RWOOPLA2018 Wood, Plastic

Composite material made of 60% certified recycled wood fibres, 40% recycled high density polyethylene and environmentally gentle bonding agent, additives and tint. Material is inspected and cleaned of impurities, heated and a pliable mixture is created for molding. It is used to make outdoor cladding and decking.

RPLA2017 Plastic

Material made of 100% recycled heterogeneous plastic. It is suitable for applications requiring good mechanical strength and it is mainly used as flooring for high traffic environments.

NWOO2016 Wood

2-layer wood panel, consisting of a substrate with a wooded veneer on one side. It is available with veneer in beech, birch, deal, meranti, oak, ocoumé, pine, pine ocoumé and poplar. It is based on classic mathematical principles and is available in diagonal, square, rectangle, herringbone, parallelogram and trapezium. It is used as flooring, cladding and decorative surface.

ROTH2015 Others

Fabric originates from a fiber that is produced through the processing of casein, the main protein found in milk. It is the result of a recycling process. A fiber which retains the properties of the milk, giving great softness to the yarn, is produced from the pulp obtained through a specific casein extraction, purification and coagulation process. It is from this complex process that a silky and moisturizing fabric is borne that is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is used in the production of clothing and linen.

NWOL2014 Wool

Panel made of 90% wool, it is a skin rejuvenating. The few millimeters thick allow it to be applied in every space and every surface, straight or curved. In a wide range of colors,it is available in rolls, or it can be cut to pantographs in different shapes and sizes. It allows to cover the reverberating surfaces creating an acoustic improvement, such as partitions between the desk, sides or back of shelves and can also completely cover the wall and ceiling surfaces.

NOTH2013 Others

Flexible foams contain between 15 and 60% algae biomass, depending on the desired foam characteristics, joined with EVA. The algae are harvested from waterways—like lakes, rivers, and ponds—at risk of heavy algal blooms. Algae biomass acts as a natural polymer, and when combined with foaming ingredients, the result, in many cases, is improved technical performance over conventional flexible foams. Find employment in the manufacture of footwear, braces, toys and sport accessories.

RRUB2012 Rubber

Material made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber granules made from end of life tires. It is used in the production of rubber products or in floorings and substrates for sports facilities. Is available in dust and granule sizes.

NWOLFLA2011 Wool, Flax

Fabric made from 70% wool and 30% flax fibres. It is simple, hardwearing plain weave structure, available in a palette of 41 shades. It is used as upholstery.

NWOO2010 Wood

Plywood panel made of outer faces peeled exotic Ilomba with poplar inner-layer. Outer faces with longitudinal grain. Versatility, high uniformity of the surfaces. It is an ideal support for the coating with many decorative materials and forms as a component in the realization of many composites.

NPAP2009 Paper

Honeycomb board is given a clean surface which is easy to finish. Depending on requirement and the desired effect, the lamination can be implemented with different papers, foils and fleeces. It can even be bonded easily to other covering materials such as metal or wood products. It is popularly utilised in display and exhibition stand construction but also as packaging.

RWOO2008 Wood

Composite material made of 30-50% post-industrial recycled fir wood flour and polypropylene. It has been studied and created with the main purpose of obtaining finished products with different characteristics from the traditional thermoplastic materials, both for aesthetic and tactile feeling, and at the same time workable with the same technologies for extrusion and injection moulding.

RBUI2007 Inerts

Material made of stone-effect recycled porcelain stoneware. The compact, uniform texture alternates with unexpected colours and high-impact surface effects. It is used as wall claddings and floorings.

RPLA2006 Plastic

Fabric made of 100% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyester. It is used to make upholstery or acoustic paneling.

RRUB2005 Rubber

Material made of recycled rubber made from used tires, selected granulometry, agglomerated with polyurethane resin and with the addition of pigments for coloring amalgam. It is used as anti-slip flooring.

NWOLWOO2004 Wool, Wood

Panel composed of Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine, Ocoumé, Poplar, Deal wood veneers, glued onto one side of a wood felt layer of 100% natural merino wool. It can be glued onto one side of a MDF substrate. It is used as rigid or curved acoustic coverings.

RNRUBCOR2003 Rubber, Cork

Material made of elastomeric compound coming from the recycling of end ELT (end of life tyres) and cork granules, bound by mass polymerized polyurethane. It is a low thickness insulating material against impact sound noise designed for acoustic improvement and the impact sound noise attenuation of existing or new floors by direct gluing under ceramic or wood floors.

RNLEAOTHJUT2002 Leather, Others, Jute

Material made of bonded leather consists of leather scraps, residue from the shoe industry, mixed with natural latex and pigments. It has a jute backing and is used to make floor covering.

RPLA2001 Plastic

Fabric made of 53% post-consumer recycled polyester and 47% post-industrial recycled polyester. It is used to make upholstery.

NBPLOTH2000 Others

Composite material made of needles of coniferous trees and biobased biodegradable plastic. It is possible to use fir needles, pine, spruce, larch, cedar, and other coniferous trees. It is used to make furnishings and panels.

ROTH1999 Others

Material produced through a specific processing of fibres and oils contained in grape marc, which is a fully natural raw material consisting of the grape skins, stalks and seeds obtained from wine making. It is used as vegetal leather-like materials, to be applied in every segment of the leather industry.

RPLA1998 Plastic

Fabric made of 100% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyester. It is used to make upholstery.
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