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NOTH2085 Others

Mushroom material grown on recycled sawdust and uses existing edible mushroom cultivation techniques. It is a circular, biodegradable and compostable cruelty-free alternative to suede leather.

NCOR2084 Cork

Material made of a mixture of natural cork particles, coupled with different types of water-based resins, organic polymers, mineral fillers and additives. Its composition makes it a very useful thermal insulation material for breaking the thermal bridge and for lasting protection of facades and ceilings.

NHEM2083 Hemp

Material that mixes hemp with a thermoplastic binder. It's delivered in standard rolls of felt like sheets that can be molded and hardened with heat. It is used in the realization of multiple applications in the field of objects.

NOTH2082 Others

Flat panel made from the dead leaves of seagrass Posidonia Oceanica and biological resin. Characterized by a natural appearance, it is used in the production of objects and fashion accessories.

RMETPLA2081 Metals, Plastic

Material made from recycling polylaminated waste, made of a polyethylene layer and a aluminium layer. It recycles items that are otherwise sent to landfill or for incineration, such as packaging for fluid foodstuffs, bags for oily products, sweet wrappers and pods for hot drinks. The innovation of the production process lies in the treatment of waste without separating two or more components (plastic film + metallic film), instead keeping them aggregated in the new formulation. It is used in the production of objects, toys and flooring.

RLEA2080 Leather

Material made of leather fiber fabric made of 85% recycled leather sections, which are produced during the tanning process. It is used as a substitute for traditional leather in the production of paper products, it reminds visually, haptically and olfactorily strongly of the original.

RCOTWOLTEX2079 Cotton, Wool, Textile waste

High-density panel made from 70% end-of-life textiles and 30% bicomponent binder. The fabric are sourced from fashion and textile industries and industrial laundries. The core of panel is made from end-of-life white cotton from industrial laundries. The colour are added as an outer layer made of recycled cotton or recycled wool. It is used in the production of furniture.

NHEMCOT2078 Hemp, Cotton

Fabric made of natural material, 40% hemp and 60% organic cotton. It is used in the production of clothing.

RCER2077 Cereals

Material made of hydraulic lime and rice husk, a agricultural by-product deriving from the husk process of rice raw. It is used as a warm and natural plaster for thermal and acoustic insulation.

RRUB2076 Rubber

Material made of post-consumer recycled rubber granules made from end of life tires hot-bonded with polyurethane binder. It is used to make shockproof flooring.

RBUI2075 Inerts

Material made of a content recycled of marble and other stones between 98.6% and 99.4% came from waste products from the processing. It is made of slabs through the use of a non-toxic and bicomponent resin. Ideal for floors, wall-cladding and surfaces for residential and commercial indoor use.

RPLA2074 Plastic

Materiale made of polymer sheet made from 100% recycled PE and PP. It is made in the technology of thermal bonding and has distinctly isolated outer layers (skin) and the inner layer (core). it is used in the production of panel and furnitures.

NHEM2073 Hemp

Material made of locally-grown hemp and a starch-based binder. It is delivered in panels for acoustic applications. It cuts down on echo and reverberation in indoor spaces.

RNOTHPAP2072 Others, Paper

Material made of certified paper and tomato fibre waste made from the stem of the plant. They are recovered from Dutch agricultural products. It is used in the production of packaging and paper industry.

NOTHCER2071 Others, Cereals

Material made of mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, it grows in beds of corn stalks with additional nutrients, in order to form an interconnected 3D network. Once established, the network is compressed to make a 2D material. Material looks and feels like hand-crafted leather. Is possible to control the growth environment, and manipulate the leather’s properties, making each product truly one-of-a-kind. It is used in the production of fashion accessories.

RGLA2070 Glass

Panel made of 100% recycled expanded glass. Characterized by a good thermal insulation, it is used in many applications: from light structures to those with high loads.

NOTH2069 Others

Fabric made of 100% nettle, a textile fibre extracted from the bark of some plants of the Urticaceae family. It is used in the production of fashion accessories.

BPL2068 Bioplastics

Material made of biodegradable thermoplastic bioplastic which are compostable in accordance with the standard EN 13432. The compound is suitable for flexible packaging (e.g. shopping bags) and include special food contact approved.

RLEA2067 Leather

Material made of recycled shark leathers come from the recycling of byproducts from the food industry. It is tanned and colored on requests and semi-mat finishing. It is used in the production of furniture and fashion accessories.

RTEX2066 Textile waste

Fabric and yarn made of post-consumer recycled denim. The old jeans are recovered, cut into pieces and transformed in fibres in order to be spun and woven again. The denim material is used to make new jeans.

RJUT2065 Jute

Material made of 85-90% post-consumer recycled jute fibres. It comes from the shredded bags used to transport the cocoa. Hygienic, mould resistant and heat resistant, it is used in the insulation market.

NHEM2064 Hemp

Fabric made of 100% hemp. Its production process does not require the use of chemicals substances. It is used in the production of clothing.

NWOOCOR2063 Wood, Cork

Elastic particle board made of cork granulates, wood granulates, latex and polyurethane binders. The combination of wood and elastomers has created a material whose elastic and strength properties open up interesting areas of application. It is ideal for manufacturing rounded moulding parts for the furniture industry and also for use in flooring systems.

RPLA2062 Plastic

Material made of 99% recycled nylon 6.6 fibre obtained exclusively from regenerated raw materials. The production process is a mechanical regeneration system which does not involve using chemical materials which would detract from the sustainability of the end product. The discarded materials are recast after which they return in the form of a polymer which is then integrated into further processing stages. It is used in the production of clothing.

NBAM2061 Bamboo

Material made of solid bamboo slats. A special impregnation process allows its use also for outdoor use. The material, which is supplied in profiled final sizes, is ideal for applications like shutters and furniture components.
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