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RNPLAWOLWOO1982 Plastic, Wool, Wood

Material made of 70% recycled polymer fibre from production waste, fishing nets found in the seas and recycled carpet pieces. It is joined with virgin wool and a flame-retardant natural fibre from white European beech. It is used as upholstery.

NCOTWOL1981 Cotton, Wool

Material made of organic, biological and certified cotton and wool. It is used in production of mattress.

RNWOLJUTWOL1980 Wool, Jute

Material made of 100% jute back and a ribbed front frame made of 100% wool. It is available in recycled or virgin wool. Characterized by a good sound insulation, is used as wall coverings.

NBAM1979 Bamboo

Material made of 100% bamboo. It is also available in a version with a non-woven fabric coupled. It is used as an insulating material or in the production of bedding and clothing.

BPL1978 Bioplastics

Bio-plastic made of polylactic acid (PLA) made from renewable source. It is used as filament for 3D printing technology. It guarantees high precision of filament dimensions and allows a high quality of printing even in tricky details and an excellent lamination of the printed object.

NOTHHEM1977 Others, Hemp

Panel made of a combination of hemp biomass and clay. Used as an internal cladding, it is an excellent heat insulator for sustainable constructions.

RPAP1976 Paper

Panel made of 100% recycled paper from waste paper. It is a honeycomb board and it is mainly used as packaging material.

RPLA1975 Plastic

Bi-elastic fabric made of polyamide yarn made of 100% recycled material. It is used in the production of sportswear.

RNOTHWOO1974 Others, Wood

Thermoplastic biopolymer consisting of what constitutes natural wood: lignin and cellulose. Lignin is a byproduct of the papermaking industry and cellulos come from wood fibres as beech and fir. It combines the positive properties of renewable resources and natural wood with the processing capabilities of thermoplastic materials. It is used for a lot of applications, from houseware to sophisticated technical parts used in automotive applications as well as clothing hangers and toys.

RNPAPPAP1973 Paper

Material made of 100% paper containing recycled paper fibers. It is a relatively thick fine paper, it find use in the production of packaging and paper industry.

BPL1972 Bioplastics

Starch based bio-plastic marketed as tiles form. It is used to fix and modify products of common use. Just drop the paper in a cup of hot water to be able to model it to your liking, when it’s cool it’s really strong like nylon, so you can make solid durable solutions with it.

NHEM1971 Hemp

Insulation panel made of natural hemp. It is a natural alternative for synthetic and mineral insulation materials and is suitable for all common building techniques.

NBAM1970 Bamboo

Panel made of a large board made out of one solid layer of the extra hard bamboo consisting of 100% bamboo fibres. It is used as floor with a similar appearance to solid wood.

RPLA1969 Plastic

Material made of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled nylon, come from used fishing nets that are collected, cleaned and reborn. it has a felt backing made of an innovative production technique that turns used water bottles into a soft, yet strong and highly durable PET felt. It is used as flooring in commercial areas.

BPL1968 Bioplastics

Fully degradable bio-plastic derived from shrimp shells and silk protein. It can be used to manufacture objects without the use of conventional synthetic plastics and as well as implantable medical devices.

RCER1967 Cereals

Material made of 60% rice husks, combined with salt and mineral oil. It is similar to the wood for aesthetics and workability and is durable such as plastic. It can be used in outdoor environments such as surface finish similar to wood.

RNPLAWOLWOO1966 Plastic, Wool, Wood

Material made of 69% recycled polymer fibre from production waste, fishing nets found in the seas and recycled carpet pieces. It is joined with virgin wool and a flame-retardant natural fibre from white European beech. It is used as upholstery.

RNPAPPAP1965 Paper

Material made of 40% recycled paper and paper from sustainably managed forests. It is used in the production of stationery products and advertising materials.

NOTHHEM1964 Others, Hemp

Panel made of a combination of hemp biomass and clay. The breathability and hygrothermal capacity of the panel, used as an internal cladding, guarantees a stable and comfortable microclimate. Its high bulk density protects against the pollutant factors found in the atmosphere, reduces electromagnetic pollution offering excellent acoustic insulation and has a positive effect on the thermal lag and attenuation of the wall. It lends itself as panelling for double walls, floors and roofing.

NHEMCOT1963 Hemp, Cotton

Fabric made of natural material, 40% cotton and 60% hemp. It is used in the production of clothing.

RCOR1962 Cork

Granules made of 100% pre-consumer recycled blond cork. It is obtained from the recycling of processing scraps and production waste. It is available in different grain sizes and is used as filler material in artificial turf field.

NCOTFLA1961 Cotton, Flax

Fabric made of 30% flax and 10% cotton. Innovative, patented technology is used to create a flame retardant yarn. It is used as upholstery and covering material.

RGLA1960 Glass

Material made of glass powder, obtained from old discarded TV and PC monitors. It is mixed with water, used as the only glue, modelled to obtain mosaic chips. Each chip is a shade of the same tone. The chips are used to make indoor and outdoor floorings and coverings. They are united together into sheets can cover planar and curved spaces, without any interruption, giving the sense of continuous surface.

NHEM1959 Hemp

Material made from a mixture of specially selected hemp shives and a binder. The shives are processed from the wooden core of industrial hemp plants.  The binder is a hydrate lime in powder form. When the shives are mixed with binder and water they become a not a load-bearing construction material.

NBAMWOO1958 Bamboo, Wood

Material consists of a top layer of bamboo combined with a HDF (High Density Fibre board) as the core and a softwood backing. Because of this construction, the product is very stable. It is sued as floor.
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