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A new certification for measuring the circularity of organisations, products, services and projects has been developed in collaboration with Bureau Veritas. This certification makes it possible to create a management system for the implementation of material balances, aimed at the efficient use of resources and the measurement of circular economy.

Matrec supports companies in the process of analysis and evaluation of circularity measurement, following three steps:
evaluation of the types of resources used (assessment),
identification of any critical issues and definition of improvement objectives (improvement),
support for improvement action, with particular attention to the choice of materials for end-of-life design
With reference to the results obtained, the company decides if to certify the final results.

Circular Materials Mapping Model.matrec.EN

Matrec has developed a program characterized by use of instruments to support the measurement.
Circular Materials Mapping Company or Material Capital (CMMA), for evaluation of material resources used by the company and referred to overall production of products and/or services and/or projects.
Circular Materials Mapping Product (CMMP), for evaluation of material resources used for realization of products and/or services and/or projects.
Circular Economy Performance (CEP), for the evaluation of material resources used to produce a products and/or services and/or projects, considering all life cycle.

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The tools created by Matrec, allow to use performance indicators that can be applied to the company, products, services and projects, in order to achieve improvement objectives.

As Matrec over the years we have constantly supported companies to develop innovative and improvement actions for the choice of environmentally sustainable and circular materials.

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