MATREC is a consulting company specializing in innovation and research on sustainability and circular economy that supports companies in the research for circular materials, trends, market scenarios.

In particular:

  • research on circular, sustainable and innovative materials,
  • development of new products of high social and environmental value,
  • research and analysis of environmental sustainability trends and market scenarios for different product types.

Today MATREC cooperates with Companies, Research Institutes, Universities, Architects and Designers through the provision of a variety of services and the opening of its International Observatory for Innovative Sustainability made up of thousands of circular materials and products.



The international Observatory’s information concerns,

  • CIRCULAR MATERIALS: renovable, recycled, and bio All information are contained in a technical and environmental data sheet, that presents images of applications and manufacturer references. To facilitate the search there is MATREC S-Index, which supports material selection.
  • TRENDS of products made of circular materials (renovable, recycled and bio) selected at international level. All Trends are divided by category

The experience developed in time by MATREC has resulted in its ability to provide innovative and strategic services to customers.
MATREC born in 2002 and quickly developed into a major player in international design for sustainability.

Via delle Palombare, 43c
60127 Ancona (AN)

MATREC Centre in Florence
c/o Design Campus di Calenzano – Facoltà di Architettura – Università degli Studi di Firenze
Via Sandro Pertini, 93
50040 Calenzano (FI)