Our consulting services are aimed at businesses that intend to make sustainable and circular innovation products, through research and development.

The requests of our customers are very specific! And so we answer to them with specific solutions.


Depending on the product and the target market. We introduce you new innovative material solutions, that highlight the advantages and disadvantages, the characteristics and aesthetic qualities.
We have a constantly updated database with over 1800 sustainable materials from 42 countries. Each material is cataloged for its environmental properties: origin, from renewable sources and non-renewable, natural, recycled, organic, recyclable or non-recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. In addition, for each material we know the environmental and technical characteristics than the company that produces it.
The materials are divided by type and main applications: you can look at, touch and smell them.
Once you have chosen the materials, we put you in touch with companies that produce them and if you want we can support you to develop new product.


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We do a check! Every day, thanks to our Observatory, we looking for sustainable products at the international level: we have now a database composed of 1500 products from 60 different countries! Each product is subdivided by category and typology: we analyze the design, the materials and the technologies used. To present you a comprehensive overview of the companies of your industry sector that are using these materials, we prepare a dedicated report. The report consists of sheets each one contains the company name, country of origin, photos and characteristics of products. You can customize the report and use it inside your company to present the survey results to the marketing, research and development, commercial and communication office. servizi.matrec.02
As I said above, every day the International Observatory by Matrec, researches and archives products from 60 different countries. With all this information we achieve Trend Reports that allow us to highlight the materials trend used for different types of products. We are able to perform an analysis by region, country or individual companies, by material type used or for environmental characteristics. Some of our clients ask us quarterly report to be constantly updated about the sustainable market trend. Reports can be customized for internal use of the company. In case you have more specific requirements, we are ready to listen.

This question was made by many companies in the past two years. This is what we do! First of all it is important for us to get information about your waste. Subsequently we carry out research to check if there are international companies that transform this waste into new material or product. We start from our database where we have classified all the materials and their origin. In some cases we find a solution that we present to the company. In other cases, we carry out research and development activity in order to understand how the waste can be enhanced. Thanks to the relationship we have with hundreds of companies we are able to verify if the waste could be used as "ingredient" for other materials. In any case, we evaluate the possibility to create a new material or product, identifying the best sector and the target use.
Regarding the circular economy we were among the first to develop a methodology for measuring the circularity of a product. Our methodology considers the economic and environmental aspects in terms of resources used: materials and energy. By collecting data on flows "input" and "output" throughout the product life cycle, we calculate the circularity of the product and we identify any critical point. You should consider that by measuring the circularity of a product you can also explore new marketing strategies, such as sales of service as a substitute to product sales. We will introduce to you some international projects of companies that have already developed circular economy strategies to achieve significant results in economic and environmental terms.
We do a check! We need to know the materials you use. For each material we verify the origin (renewable and non-renewable) and all the environmental characteristics. Subsequently we make a "map" to highlight the results obtained and possibilities of improvement. On product's map some alternative materials are identified and so we can use it to explain to you which are the advantages and disadvantages with respect to market trends. MATREC - You can do it.07.EN   .

Great! Let's meet and talk.
We will present to you the possible solutions that you can pursue.
We show you some projects we have carried out and so you can understand how we work and the results we got.
We'll show you a number of sustainable materials that you can touch and "smell" to get an idea about the texture and characteristics.

There are several possibilities. Depending on what you want to communicate and the goals you want to achieve, you can pursue different solutions. You can choose to create a communication-oriented only to material that you used, or create a communication on the overall value in terms of product sustainability. Please, do not use "generic" and "abused" terms that in many cases they say everything and nothing. The strategy is to tell a "story" to engage the consumer and the market.

These are some national and international company and institution that have chosen Matrec services:

3M, Renault, Samsung, Fater, Coca Cola Italia, Fiat auto, Tetrapak, Luxottica, Fossil, Telecom, Boffi, Indesit Company, Nivea, Rai, Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, Regione Lombardia, Diadora, Louis Vuitton, Lucart, Elica, Steelcase, TIM, OVS, Organoid Technologies, Fiera Milano, Ariston Thermo Group, Bologna Fiere, Cial, Comieco, Lissoni Architettura, Ecodom, Ecopneus, ABB, AB_AETERNO, CSM Centro Sperimentale del Mobile, Camera di Commercio di Ravenna, Camera di Commercio di Prato, CNA Bologna, Assorimap, Assocomaplast, Corepla, Cesap, Ceced Europa, Ridomus, Ecoped, Enel Sole, Lendager Arkitekter (DK), Mario Cucinella Architects, Amiu Genova, OltreFrontiera Progetti, Italian Felt Academy, A.R.R.R. Toscana, MK Illumination Production (SK), Manutencoop, Mymantra, FECOMERCIO (Brazil).

Centro Metropolitano de Disegno (Argentina), ITESO - Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara (Messico), IED San Paolo (Brazil), IED Madrid (Spain), Escuela de Diseño Industrial (Venezuela), Universidad National de Misiones (Argentina), Instituto de las Artes de la Imagen y el Espacio (Venezuela), University of Nuevo León (Mexico), Danish Society for Material Technology (Danimark), Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy), Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Emily Carr University (Canada), Scuola Politecnica di Design (Italy), Università degli Studi di Firenze (Italy), The New School (United States).